Reliability Assessment of Power Distribution System in the Nigerian Aviation Industry

Patience E. Orukpe, Christian T. Onianwa, Abdullahi Abuh, Adebisi K. Aderanti

Keywords: Reliability indices, Airport, Power distribution, Power interruptions

Airport terminals are the most energy intensive type of buildings due to their size,

designs, activities and twenty-four hours operation. Due to recent development in airport

design, incessant power failures and ineffective power distribution systems have emerged as

an area of concern in the Nigerian aviation industry. To resolve these challenges, energy audit

was performed by collecting energy data from three major aviation sites (airports) in Nigeria

by means of data loggers, powerhouse documents and personal communication. Using

collected energy data, analysis was performed to determine the reliability of these airports

thereby informing the proposition of a power distribution system model for future loads. The

study has contributed to the aviation industry through the development of a steady power

distribution model and if implemented, the airports under evaluation would be among the

leading aviation sites in the world in terms of power distribution reliability and sustainable


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